Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Technically.. Project 1

Because of my overwhelming excitement to post my first blog post I neglected what was technically our first project (post pinterest surfing).
When I first started Pinterest, (which I still sorta suck at because I search and see things and forget that I want to pin them and then lose them forever in the sea of awesome things.. and then I start to feel inadequate and log off...) Anyway..  I repeat, When I first started Pinterest, I found this picture:

I sent it to Adam, and I said "isn't this the neatest idea ever"  When I got home that night Adam was nowhere to be found... And when he got home he had a ladder in the bed of his truck.  So, I asked him where it came from,  He said... "I made it" - Can you believe that?!  Now you have to understand.. when my mom asked my dad for a project, it typically took.. atleast a year.  And Adam did this same day.. I was so excited, I immediately started painting! (funny..considering my last post).
Here is what I ended up with - mind you... I have a lot of work left to do in the laundry room, but this what a start, (and look.. it's being used!)

Obviously she is a much better photographer than I am.. but I'll get around to being better.. in the meantime, just pretend that I'm good.   


  1. I LOVE this! Way to be adam! Same day projecting. That's big.

    -Kristin Call (we blog at http://www.callmekristin.com)

    Also, our Christmas card is on its way to your house. Tell adam thanks for getting us the address!

  2. I want to know, just how much Adam got that ladder for! And what it's original price tag was! haha I'm going to ask this question every time I see you guys purchasing something. I love the idea! You guys did a great job, and, your picture taking skills are just fine!