Friday, February 3, 2012

Our Humble Abode

Have you ever bought something and loved it.. then over time you wished it was a different style, different color, or maybe you wish you'd bought something different altogether?  Well...Welcome to my Life!  I do it daily.  We bought our house 2 years ago, it's cookie cutter.  Tan carpet, tan tile, tan walls... aka BORING!  And that my friends.. is about to change!  I've postponed decorating, and it's time to get my butt in gear.  I'm really excited to make this place our own.  And to make it super-duper cute so my neighbors can be jealous ;)

These are my first areas of attention:

Imagine this room without a couch, because my sweet husband sold it! And we ordered a new one, but have to wait 8-10 splendid weeks! :)

A new kitchen table is a must!

As you can see, we have lots of work to do!  But.. I can't wait!  And surprisingly, Adam is excited too.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Waterproof Mascara Needed

I've had a hard time with this post.. it needs to be said, but it's so hard.  Let's start from the beginning...
I had a communications class 3 years ago, where we got put into groups for our service projects.  There was this kid that sat behind me, always said Yes Sir, Yes Ma'am, very polite - a big, gentle giant. Love him.  We had an instant bond when we realized he served his mission with my best friend from high school.  In this same class I met Adam.  As most of you know, Adam and I didn't start out with a fairytale relationship.  Adam and I broke up halfway through the semester.  I was working with my group one day when this sweet friend of mine said "Oh! We saw Adam at the movie the other night", and I replied, "Yeah, he said he was going with a bunch of friends" "uh... I think it was a date".  Regardless of the fact that we were no longer dating, I was angry.  I got mad at Adam for lying.  Adam then confronted my friend during our next class, something about guy code.  Anyway, Adam and I started dating again {eventually} and we doubled with this friend and his wife.  The last time we were able to get together with them we went to their house for dinner.  They were babysitting his brothers little girls.  We played soccer in the house, watched princess movies, and ate a delicious dinner while talking about how his brother loved being on the force and Adam loving it as well.  We got caught up in life and hadn't been able to keep in touch as well as we had liked until.... January 4th.  After hearing about the shootings, I got online to read about it, and saw something that immediately broke my heart.  A picture of a man, looking just like Travis, I knew then that my friends brother was that brave officer that sacrificed his life.  That morning Adam said to me, "we should call Travis and Jess and see how they are doing."  We should have made that call but didn't... and now that question seemed unnecessary. 
I took the day off work and went to the funeral with Adam and his department.  This was by far the most emotional, moving, and inspirational funeral I think I have attended.  The amount of people that were there to support him, his family, and officers around the world was unreal.  Officers from all over Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Idaho, Illinois, etc were to there to support their fellow brother.  While arriving at the funeral a man stood outside his car on the corner, soluting the officers as they arrived, his eyes full of tears.  I, of course, starting crying from that point on.  After the funeral was over we got in the car and it took us an hour and a half to move roughly 5 feet in the parking lot.  When we finally got to the street, this is what it looked like.

Roads were blocked off to allow for Law Enforcement to travel in one continuous line.  Hundreds, if not thousands of people lined the roads.  Hands on there hearts, holding flags, and most of them crying. 

I am usually giving Adam a hard time about the lack of pay and the danger he puts himself in.  I struggle knowing he makes the same wages as the lawn maintenance workers.  I struggle knowing his life is on the line day in and day out.  This funeral put everything into prospective for me.  He doesn't do this for the money, or the authority, to have power, or to "ruin" peoples day.  He does this because it's a brotherhood.  He does this because he is willing and able to.   And he does this, so that others don't have to... 

There is something special about law enforcment, firefighters, military and the like.  They share a bond that I don't think anyone will ever fully understand unless they are directly involved.  

Jared Francom, Kasey Burrell, Michael Rounkles, Shawn Grogan, Nate Hutchinson, and Jason Vanderwarf, forever Heroes.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Baaaack!

Sorry I got lost for a minute.. life is crazy!  Two full time jobs and taking care of Adam is tough work.  So last night I told Adam about something annoying someone said on Facebook and he said, "You wanna know how you solve that problem?  You delete your Facebook."  My reply? "Well then who would I have to sit and bitch about?!"  He simply just pointed to himself. :) love him. 
I guess first and foremost we should discuss the fact that I had the absolute joy of returning to "the" doctors office.  I got there and as I was signing in the lady said to me, "um... do you mind waiting, the doctor had to run to deliver a baby but should be back soon."  Uh... what?!  She is delivering a baby, not picking up groceries.. so no, I don't have all day to wait, thanks.  Anyway, I ended up seeing the PA. I called them 2 weeks later and.... *drum roll* we are good for another 6 months!  I asked her if she was excited to have a break from me.. then I realized, she wouldn't be, I've been a great source of income for her over the years!  Silly me.  But I did make sure to mention I was happy to have a break from her! ;) 
I've been super crazy busy with Mindy Mae's Market lately, and I think Nikki and I are both losing our minds.  While it is all way fun, it is all way hard work.  Adam always asks me if I am doing arts & crafts,  I'm pretty sure he does that because he knows it makes me angry.  Typical.  But, our business has really started out well, we have a long way to go, but for only starting a couple months ago, I think we are pretty awesome. ;) 
Tomorrows Blog?  You won't want to miss. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Oh mom...
My mom is bomb.  That's right.. I said it,  Anyone that knows her can agree.  She is pretty awesome.  A girl at her work recently said, "hahaha, Lucy, you're so awesome that sometimes I forget you're a mom."  I know, right?  She rocks.  She is so awesome that my friends are her friends..and some of those friends like her more than me..
She got me a Barbie jeep, when they were $250.  She let me chew off Barbie hands immediately after purchasing them.  She paid countless dollars for dance and tumbling and a million costumes, and competition fees.  She put up with my sassiness when I thought I was all that.  She lived through my rebellious years.  She says "eff".  Her laugh is contagious.  She is completely selfless (unless it comes to backrubs).  She loves popcorn almost as much as I do.  She is a blast to hang out with.  She calls dirty girls skanks.  She has more Toms than anyone I know.  She's my best friend.  She rocks skinny jeans.  She tells me I'm her favorite daughter (even though I'm her only).  She is awesome at gossiping.  She remembers everything and everyone. She panics if I don't call her everyday.  She knows things.  She's always given me everything I've needed and wanted.  She lets me tell her anything without judging me.  She tells me to shut up, when necessary. She lets me bug her.   She's bossy.  She's awesome.  She calls me bizzy, sweetie, and angel.  She reminds me of things she knows I'll forget.  She is the best example of who I want to be.  She cries when I cry, laughs when I laugh, and loves unconditionally.  I love you Mom. xoxo

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

His Schedule Sucks

Enough said..

But seriously, do we really need cops on Christmas?  Can't people just contain their criminal activity for a day?  Over the Christmas break I probably saw Adam... 4 hours.  He worked, and worked, and slept, and worked.  While I love my family dearly, it wasn't the same.  We were supposed to have about 3 hours together yesterday, but he got a phone call and had to head to the jail to book a guy from the night before.  Ugh.  Good thing he has tomorrow off, we might actually get to eat dinner together (providing that I make dinner).  Usually I do pretty good with his schedule but during a time that is so family oriented, it made it really hard to not have him around.  I mean how am I supposed to boss him around..if he isn't around?!  I appreciate what he does and I understand that the people in the city need him, but... Come On!
I was however able to spend a lot of time with my family and my handicap mom (she just had surgery).  My dad is redoing their kitchen so he hasn't been able to drive my mom around all day (like she usually does).  So I went over and picked her up, we went to dinner and shopping {fun!}. When I dropped her off, my dad thanked me for babysitting her.    Well, dad, no problem!  My mom is pretty awesome to hang out with.. she's got jokes, and a laugh that will make you laugh even if her jokes don't.  Anyone that knows her, knows she is great.. maybe I'll "blog about that" {that, meaning her}.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Well, I finally finished my shopping last night.  I also wrapped all my gifts, put them under the tree and I'm feeling pretty accomplished.  I also made a Snickerdoodle cheeseball for my work party today and set up a play date with my mom for Monday.  Working full time I feel like I don't necessarily have a lot of time to do "stuff".  Like...just, stuff?  Well I am super so excited to have 3.5 days off cause I can do "stuff"!  I don't even wanna bum around the house {I know, SURPRISE!}, I wanna clean, hang with Adam, bake, do some crafts, and cuddle Bug.  I am so excited for Christmas, and I am pretty sure I can't wait to tell you all what I got my parents!  I do believe I outdid myself this year! :) 
I am gonna craft my little heart out this weekend so that I can have some fun stuff to show you guys, as well as our followers over at Mindy Mae's Market so that you will all think I am just so awesome!  As some of you know I run a small company with my amazing friend Nikki and with everything we do for it, we never have to time to actually this weekend - it is my goal to actually do some crafting! {yay!}
I also have a couple of really interesting blog posts ready for next week, topics including: fist fight, babies, diamonds, and of course Adam being...Adam. - Get Excited!

Merry Christmas Everyone, xoxo.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blog About That!

I'm not convinced that blogging was such a great idea.. I stress about what I'll post and if you guys will like it.  I write and rewrite each post atleast 3 times.  It's a lot of pressure to make sure you people are happy!  Not mention I live for comments now (i love comments, they make me feel awesome (yeah, I'm reiterating that) ).  And probably the biggest reason is because now Adam finds it necessary to be a pain in my butt and then say " about that".  Just the other night we were getting into the car and he had me locked out, and would unlock it, but as soon as I went to pull the handle, he'd lock it.. playing that game for a minute he finally let me in..he thought he was so funny...I told him, "you're bugging me" and he said "oh yeah..well maybe you should blog about that".  So here I am..blogging about that.  Everytime he drives me crazy and I tell him, his response is the same, " about it."  **sigh** A couple of days ago I had Adam read my blog and after he was all done he said, " I bet if you got the stories right, your blog would be a lot better."  "What?" "You've got it all wrong.. these stories aren't accurate." "Whatever, they are too." "Nope, I don't think so." "Whatever, you don't know." and his infamous reply (for everything) (and also stolen from Couples Retreat) "I know my truth."  And then he says "Maybe you should let me proof read them, I bet I could help you get them right."  At this point, I just wanted to punch him in the face.  I'm convinced he is trying to do ridiculous things just to get me to blog about him.  - and it's working -