Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Oh mom...
My mom is bomb.  That's right.. I said it,  Anyone that knows her can agree.  She is pretty awesome.  A girl at her work recently said, "hahaha, Lucy, you're so awesome that sometimes I forget you're a mom."  I know, right?  She rocks.  She is so awesome that my friends are her friends..and some of those friends like her more than me..
She got me a Barbie jeep, when they were $250.  She let me chew off Barbie hands immediately after purchasing them.  She paid countless dollars for dance and tumbling and a million costumes, and competition fees.  She put up with my sassiness when I thought I was all that.  She lived through my rebellious years.  She says "eff".  Her laugh is contagious.  She is completely selfless (unless it comes to backrubs).  She loves popcorn almost as much as I do.  She is a blast to hang out with.  She calls dirty girls skanks.  She has more Toms than anyone I know.  She's my best friend.  She rocks skinny jeans.  She tells me I'm her favorite daughter (even though I'm her only).  She is awesome at gossiping.  She remembers everything and everyone. She panics if I don't call her everyday.  She knows things.  She's always given me everything I've needed and wanted.  She lets me tell her anything without judging me.  She tells me to shut up, when necessary. She lets me bug her.   She's bossy.  She's awesome.  She calls me bizzy, sweetie, and angel.  She reminds me of things she knows I'll forget.  She is the best example of who I want to be.  She cries when I cry, laughs when I laugh, and loves unconditionally.  I love you Mom. xoxo

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

His Schedule Sucks

Enough said..

But seriously, do we really need cops on Christmas?  Can't people just contain their criminal activity for a day?  Over the Christmas break I probably saw Adam... 4 hours.  He worked, and worked, and slept, and worked.  While I love my family dearly, it wasn't the same.  We were supposed to have about 3 hours together yesterday, but he got a phone call and had to head to the jail to book a guy from the night before.  Ugh.  Good thing he has tomorrow off, we might actually get to eat dinner together (providing that I make dinner).  Usually I do pretty good with his schedule but during a time that is so family oriented, it made it really hard to not have him around.  I mean how am I supposed to boss him around..if he isn't around?!  I appreciate what he does and I understand that the people in the city need him, but... Come On!
I was however able to spend a lot of time with my family and my handicap mom (she just had surgery).  My dad is redoing their kitchen so he hasn't been able to drive my mom around all day (like she usually does).  So I went over and picked her up, we went to dinner and shopping {fun!}. When I dropped her off, my dad thanked me for babysitting her.    Well, dad, no problem!  My mom is pretty awesome to hang out with.. she's got jokes, and a laugh that will make you laugh even if her jokes don't.  Anyone that knows her, knows she is great.. maybe I'll "blog about that" {that, meaning her}.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Well, I finally finished my shopping last night.  I also wrapped all my gifts, put them under the tree and I'm feeling pretty accomplished.  I also made a Snickerdoodle cheeseball for my work party today and set up a play date with my mom for Monday.  Working full time I feel like I don't necessarily have a lot of time to do "stuff".  Like...just, stuff?  Well I am super so excited to have 3.5 days off cause I can do "stuff"!  I don't even wanna bum around the house {I know, SURPRISE!}, I wanna clean, hang with Adam, bake, do some crafts, and cuddle Bug.  I am so excited for Christmas, and I am pretty sure I can't wait to tell you all what I got my parents!  I do believe I outdid myself this year! :) 
I am gonna craft my little heart out this weekend so that I can have some fun stuff to show you guys, as well as our followers over at Mindy Mae's Market so that you will all think I am just so awesome!  As some of you know I run a small company with my amazing friend Nikki and with everything we do for it, we never have to time to actually this weekend - it is my goal to actually do some crafting! {yay!}
I also have a couple of really interesting blog posts ready for next week, topics including: fist fight, babies, diamonds, and of course Adam being...Adam. - Get Excited!

Merry Christmas Everyone, xoxo.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blog About That!

I'm not convinced that blogging was such a great idea.. I stress about what I'll post and if you guys will like it.  I write and rewrite each post atleast 3 times.  It's a lot of pressure to make sure you people are happy!  Not mention I live for comments now (i love comments, they make me feel awesome (yeah, I'm reiterating that) ).  And probably the biggest reason is because now Adam finds it necessary to be a pain in my butt and then say " about that".  Just the other night we were getting into the car and he had me locked out, and would unlock it, but as soon as I went to pull the handle, he'd lock it.. playing that game for a minute he finally let me in..he thought he was so funny...I told him, "you're bugging me" and he said "oh yeah..well maybe you should blog about that".  So here I am..blogging about that.  Everytime he drives me crazy and I tell him, his response is the same, " about it."  **sigh** A couple of days ago I had Adam read my blog and after he was all done he said, " I bet if you got the stories right, your blog would be a lot better."  "What?" "You've got it all wrong.. these stories aren't accurate." "Whatever, they are too." "Nope, I don't think so." "Whatever, you don't know." and his infamous reply (for everything) (and also stolen from Couples Retreat) "I know my truth."  And then he says "Maybe you should let me proof read them, I bet I could help you get them right."  At this point, I just wanted to punch him in the face.  I'm convinced he is trying to do ridiculous things just to get me to blog about him.  - and it's working -

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Very Important List

Here is a list of things that I feel are very important:

- Coke at McDonalds because it tastes better.
- Tights on Sundays when you just don't have enough time to shave.
- Bathtubs because although your technically sitting in your own filth, it's totally relaxing.
- Popcorn I'd be likely to die without it (in the popper, not the microwave)
- Mountain Dew in cans, because somehow it tastes better
- Victoria Secret sweatpants because they are 10x comfier than any other comfy pants
- Facebook because 1. I wouldn't be able to stalk people and 2. I wouldn't get to listen to people complain
- Tampons..for obvious reasons
- Google, how did we get through life without it?
- Coupons, because I feel like I'm stealing...legally
- Edamame, I love it so much
- Nordstrom, because I feel rich when I'm there (although really, they are sucking me dry)
- G2 Pilot Pens.. my hand just glides... :)
- Saturdays, enough said
- Adam putting toilet paper on the roll the correct way
- Blogger comments, because they make me feel awesome

I think that is my list..for now.  I'd love to hear what you all think is important!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wife Jobs

As I'm sure many of you have noticed.. I suck at doing my wife jobs.. cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes, etc.  I do dishes maybe once a week..and I cook the occasional meal but that really is the extent of it.
When Adam and I first got married this drove him crazy, he couldn't understand why I, the wife, the homemaker, wasn't doing laundry and cleaning up.  And there was me, completely clueless on why he was so upset.  I really don't mind doing laundry, I just don't think about it.. and I really don't mind cleaning up - he is just better at it. :)  He used to be embarrassed at the fact that he was doing the "wife jobs" and hated when I told people, but he soon learned that girls eat it up!  I was recently asked "How did you get him to do it, my husband would die!"  Honestly.. I think he just got sick of me not doing it, and decided it was easier to do it himself rather than argue with me.  He has found one advantage... he knows EVERYTIME I buy something new.  When he does the laundry he sees what comes through and if I pull the "Oh, I've had that for years!" trick, he knows I'm a liar.  I am not proud to say that Adam is the better of us, but I am proud to say I married an AMAZING guy.  I am so blessed.. he however, got the short end of the stick.  Sometimes I joke that I need to step it up and take care of my man so he doesn't leave me and his reply is always the same.. "Financially... it just wouldn't make sense."  So there you have it... He stays with me for my money, and I stay with him to be fed and clothed.  :)  Really though?  We are such a happy couple and although we've had rough patches in the past, we are more in love than ever.   

If anyone has something they want me to answer, post it below and it will be tomorrow's post!

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Grinch

I've never been one to spend money on decorations that I have to put up, and then take down a month later.  Waste of my money, and waste of my time.. Plus Adam is a thrower-awayer.  If he doesn't need/want it - no one does!  So storing things can be a challenge.  Our first Christmas was in our apartment, and we decorated.. but that's only because I went to Hobby Lobby and spent like $20 on the cheapest things I could find.  My tree was pretty sorry looking, but I kind of didn't care, I was just proud of myself for doing anything at all.  The next year was spent in our house, and I did... nothing - not one decoration.  Not a tree, not a wreath, not a single piece of glitter.  We didn't do gifts for each other, just family and friends.  I woke up Christmas morning and Adam had made breakfast and decorated the whole downstairs.  Since we didn't have a tree he hung all of our lights from doors to cabinets, to windows, and walls.  He hung the ornaments from the strands of lights and tied bows around anything he could.  It was pretty awesome.  (I lost the pictures when I transferred to a new phone..).  This year I've been a little less grinchy.  I wanted a tree and I wanted presents under it.  I wanted to buy Adam gifts, plus family and friends.  I wanted to get into the spirit.. and so far.. it hasn't killed me.  While I still do not like Christmas music - I feel like I'm making some huge improvements.  I still need to work on procrastination however.. because I have yet to do any Christmas shopping.. But atleast I have a tree...for a week. :)
This was my surprise tree from Adam:

And this is what it turned into: (don't mind the towels..they are temporarily catching falling pine needles)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Cancer Sucks!

Be warned that this post is very personal and may be too graphic for some and may not want to be read by all..

We all know someone with cancer, unfortunately.  It has become all too common.  We all know a stories of heartbreak and stories of victory and triumph, but more often than not they end in heartache and sadness.  Recently, my sweet cousin opened up to us about her amazing husbands battle with cancer - I was crying like a giant baby.  Nothing bad should ever happen to someone so good.  My incredible mom was married only a short time before she lost her husband to cancer. {luckily she then met my dad and made this beautiful baby ;) }.  I had a friend in high school that lost her mom to cancer, and another friend in high school that lost her own battle with cancer.  It all  I've had my own bout with cancer... it's weird to even say because it doesn't seem real.  But, I have cervical cancer.  It just doesn't seem like I should be saying those words, because I feel like my situation is so minor compared to many.  It's like I have have a snowflake, while others have a winter wonderland.  I am grateful to only have a snowflake, but I feel weird even bringing it up when there are so many others that are more deserving of the love and support needed.  It really is nothing too scary, as we caught it early and have been trying to "fix" me ever since but... here is my story:   
It isn't something I talk about often because.. there is nothing we can change and because I really don't want people feeling bad for me or treating me differently - it is what it is and there are others we should be worrying about and caring for... 
In 2009, I went to the doctor to get a pap done before I got married.  Thought nothing of it.. I got a call saying that it came back abnormal so they wanted to do a biopsy.  I went in the next week and had a biopsy done {it does not feel good}.  I left and waited.. a call came and the abnormal cells were covering 3/4 of my cervix - he wanted to do a cryotherapy {freezing of the cervix to destroy the cells}.  So, I made another appointment.  By this point Adam and I had been married about 3 months.  He went with me to this appointment.  They put a hose up "there" and started freezing.. it felt like one giant cramp.  The next 1-2 weeks were nasty.. the ice melts and water and cells drain out... The doctor was confident that would solve the problem.  I waited 3 months and went back in for another pap to test the cells.  It came back low-grade abnormal.  We did another biopsy.  The abnormal cells were still there/back and he wasn't sure why.  He said he wanted to wait another 3 months and test again.  We did.  The cells had spread and deepend, we were now at a mid-grade.  He wanted to wait again and see what they did next.  I didn't.  We called a specialist for a second opinion.  I went and did a pap with her, then a biopsy.  She didn't like it.  We did another cryotherapy. {yay}.  Then a repeat pap, and another biopsy.  Still no good, we were now at a high-grade.   We had no other option but to do a leep {wire loop with electric current that burns off a layer of your cervix}.  We tried to avoid it, because it thins out your cervix and makes carrying a baby risky.  We were both pretty discouraged when we realized this was our only option.. She said 98% of girls that have cervical dysplasia don't ever know it, because it clears up on it's own.  And those that do, generally it clears up after all we've done.  I got "that" call.. telling me I had Cervical Cancer.  Not what I wanted to hear, but luckily they are calling it Low to Mid Grade.. seems promising right? :).  By now, I was certain the doctor had seen more of my lady business than Adam had, because after each biopsy or procedure we had to wait atleast 2-3 weeks before anything could go near "it".  Needless to say, we did the leep {they numbed me real good, but the smell of my burning cervix was more than I could handle}. I went back for a repeat pap 3 months later, my mom and Deneal went.. and Deneal somehow made it over to the table and dumped my..."stuff".. everywhere. {awesome}.  Had to go back again and we still had some low-grade abnormal cells..better but not gone.   I told her I was having some pain and couldn't figure out why..she asked me some questions, I answered and she said I needed to strengthen my muscles, after everything we have done it could have weakened me... she said..and I quote.. "You need to visit a vaginal physical therapist."... Excuse me, a what?!  Hmm...I think I'll put up with the pain, thanks.  {awkward}. I go back in January and we'll see what happens next!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Negotiator

Have you ever gone to Mexico and they tell you "5 Dolla" and you say.. "No, I'll give you 2 Dollars"?  Or have you ever sold anything on KSL or Craigslist, and you jack up the price because you know that some loser is going to low-ball you?  K..well that "loser", is Adam.  He can't pay full price for anything.  Which I am totally grateful for because he has saved us some significant amounts of cash over the years BUT that's not to say it isn't totally embarrassing, we are however in America.  I'm one of those that goes into a store, ignores the workers, because if I can't find something then they clearly just don't carry it.  I'm that "guy" that doesn't ask for directions cause I don't want anyone to know I'm lost. 
Let me preface this for you... we can afford to pay full price, but he just likes to see how low they will really go, it's a sport for him.. 
The Christmas Tree:
We planned on getting a Christmas tree last week and it didn't happen.  I've been swamped all week and last night Adam was out with some guys from the academy and I walk in my back door and what do I see?!  A christmas tree! {this is a big deal considering we had not ONE Christmas decoration up last year - but that is for a later post} I asked him where he got it and he said from some meth-addict at a tree lot.  Then he said, "yeah, I got 8 bucks off"  I replied, "Seriously, you negotiated on a tree?..with a meth addict?" He replied, "Yeah, I didn't mind paying for it, I just wanted to see how 'loooow she would goooo'.  She said I could have it for $60 plus tax, then she spent about 5 minutes on the calculator and said, 'ok, your total is $72'  - Um... $72 was the original price.  She called over some guy and he used that crazy calculator and came up with $64."  Sweet... $8, lunch money?
The Front Room Couch:
The infamous front room.. never gets used, but anyone that comes to your front door sees it.  So it should be obvious that I would need a pretty cute set-up.  I found a $1,100 couch at Gardner Village and told Adam about it.  I went up to school and he and Alex (his twin brother) went to Gardner Village to buy the couch.  It's a retail store, with price tags..but what does Adam do?  Negotiates.  He told the sales associate she had two options.. she could either get a sale for $900, or keep the couch with no sale. (Obviously he was as polite as you can be when low-balling someone).  She called her boss and said they could go ahead and do it.  Adam paid the lady $900 and Adam and Alex loaded up my couch!  I did hear from Alex that it was quite embarrassing.. he has now..felt my pain.
The Bedroom Set:
There are numerous stories I could tell, but this will be my last..for now.  This is however, the best one!  I read a book called I Love A Cop, and in this book it told me that I need a sanctuary for a bedroom, somewhere I feel safe, comfortable, and cozy - why?  because if my husband is going to be gone during the scary hours, I need a nice bedroom to feel safe because we all know if a Killer were to come in he would be distracted by the comforts of my room and leave me to live another day.  I did however use this to my advantage and told Adam the book says I need a new bedroom set, and he had no argument.  We took ourselves to Ashley Furniture and found the perfect bedroom set for a price tag of $2,500.  A sales lady came over and conversation went a little something like this: (I'm going to call her Ashley..)
Ashley: Hello, how are you guys today?
Adam: Good, tell me about this bedroom set.
Ashley: It's on sale for $2,499 for the headboard, footboard, runners, dresser, hutch, mirror, and two nightstands.
Adam: hmm..Okay.
Ashley: We are doing a sale this weekend, so I can negotiate with my boss to see if there is anything else he can do?
Adam: Yeah, why don't you do that.
- Ashley leaves... and I tell Adam, "Not today Adam...not today - that is already a good price"  Adam, "shhh, it's going to be okay."  Ashley returns.
Ashley: He says he can go down to $2,200.
Adam: We just came in here with a budget and we really don't want to exceed that.
Ashley:  And what was your budget?
Adam: $1,500
Ashley: I'll be right back.
- Ashley leaves.  "Really Adam?! $1,500?"  I was SO embarrassed I started pacing... He ignored me.  Ashley returns.
Ashley: He said he can go to $1,800.
Adam: Yeah, we just really want to stick to our budget so maybe we'll come back another time.
Ashley: I'll be right back.
Ashley leaves.  I said nothing.. Adam said, "This is Fun!" Ashley returns.
Ashley: He is really stretching it, but we can do $1,650.
Adam: Can you give us a minute?
- Ashley walks a few feet away to let us talk.  Adam, "Should I be done?"  I just stared at him... He said, "ok, I'll be done, $850 savings is good enough." I just stared at him... Ashley returns.
Ashley: What did we decide?
Adam: Yeah..we just really need to stick to our $1,500 budget, but thank you so much.
Ashley: I'll be right back.
- Ashley leaves.  "WTF ADAM!" "Babe, really I was going to say just kidding, but she responded too quick!" Ashley returns.
Ashley: Good news! He will go to $1,495!
Adam: SOLD!

Oh.  My.  Heck.
I love him... but this is one of those things I just cant be present for anymore! He is clearly a master negotiator, I just don't understand it.  So, we are hosting Negotiation Tactics courses at our house, feel free to sign up - but prices are steep and non-negotiable. :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Being a Cop Wife

Disclaimer: Long Post

I get asked often what it is like to be the wife of a cop.  I am sure it is different for everyone but this is my take...
Adam's decision to become a cop came after we were married, so I didn't know what I was getting myself into.  He was working for his uncle and going to school for Construction Management.  Still not the safest of jobs, but he was less likely to encounter druggies and criminals {ehhh....there are some sketchy characters working in construction as well but generally speaking}.  He didn't love his construction courses and wasn't excited going to work anymore, so I tossed him the course catalog and said Figure it Out.  No one wants to deal with grumpy husband for a lifetime, cause thats a long time.  He decided that Criminal Justice was something he thought he could do and enjoy.  He soon got accepted into Weber State's Police Academy.  Weber does it two ways, Part-time or Full-time - go figure.  Basically, 4 months or 9.  We didn't really want to drag it out, so Adam quit his job and left me to pay the bills - good thing I make an awesome sugar mama.  He was lucky enough to land a position with a city nearby directly following his graduation and has been working there since. 

Isn't it scary?
I can't say that I was ever scared, or worried with his decision to become an officer.  My reasoning is this... he could have a desk job, and get in an accident on the way to work.  He could be a cop, and get shot.  He could be a construction worker, and fall into a manhole, I mean really.. anything is possible, and whatever is supposed to happen - will.  I am a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason, so whatever shall be, will be.  I would rather he do something that makes him happy than him do something safe and come home and just irritate me with attitude. :) 
You'll always have to work, you can't live on a cop salary.
I recently read something about this and it spoke volumes to me. {posted below} Adam is always pursuing further opportunities, I know I will be well taken care of.  He has many goals, and this is simply a stepping stone for us.
{Oh.... you're a Cop?? That's cool. I wanted to do that when I was a kid. What do you make?"
"What do I make... I make holding your hand seem like the biggest thing in the world when someone just tried to hurt you. I make 5 minutes seem like a lifetime when I am fighting a suspect while waiting for back up. I make those annoying sirens seem like angels when you need them. I can make your children breathe when they stop.  I make myself get out of bed at 3am to risk my life to save people I’ve never met.  I make it possible to keep back the chaos everyday.  I make going to work for your families safety a duty that I will die for.  I make myself work holidays, nights, during hurricanes and other disasters.  Today I might make the ultimate sacrifice to save your life.  I make a difference.  What do you make?"

Cops are jerks, how do you live with one?
They totally are - giving us tickets and ruining parties.  I always hated cops... making me nervous when I saw them, making me slow down when I'm not even speeding to begin with, heart attacks when the lights turn on.  But, now that I have a perspective from the other side - it's much different than expected.  They don't give you a ticket to meet a quota, they are giving you a ticket in hopes that you will drive safer for you and those around you.  Cops don't ruin your day, you got caught, and ruined your own day.  Adam admits that he has come across a lot of guys that are cops simply for the power trip, and the authority and they are.... assholes. But, not all of them are that way.  Just like Doctors, Lawyers, Cashiers, and Construction Workers.. some are buttheads.. same with cops.  Just remember than they are also humans, with families, loved ones, and feelings.
Does he have crappy shifts:
Yes, and no.  He works some evenings until midnight, but I get a lot done when he is gone like, shopping, blogging, pinteresting, crafting... He works most Saturdays and Sundays - which make the weekends seem really..not like weekends.  But it's all good - we have date nights and they are great.
Does he have good stories?
The stories are pretty crazy.. things you only thought happened in movies.. happen in real life.  A girl offered to show him her boobs to get out of a ticket (he said no thanks..or atleast that is what he is telling me)  A guy pee'd in the backseat of his car for taking him to jail.  Suicides, horrific accidents, druggies, crazy alcoholics, gang members, domestic abuse, child neglect.. the list goes on.. and the stories are unimaginable.
Do you love a man in uniform*wink, wink*?
Not really.. if we want to get graphic for a minute. There are a LOT of layers... The belt which is FULL of 'stuff'; the earpiece that goes through the belt, shirt, and collar; the shirt; undershirt; bulletproof vest; etc... it's a lot of work - so he is much sexier in regular clothes..that are easier to get off. {there is an image for ya, tehehe}

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Technically.. Project 1

Because of my overwhelming excitement to post my first blog post I neglected what was technically our first project (post pinterest surfing).
When I first started Pinterest, (which I still sorta suck at because I search and see things and forget that I want to pin them and then lose them forever in the sea of awesome things.. and then I start to feel inadequate and log off...) Anyway..  I repeat, When I first started Pinterest, I found this picture:

I sent it to Adam, and I said "isn't this the neatest idea ever"  When I got home that night Adam was nowhere to be found... And when he got home he had a ladder in the bed of his truck.  So, I asked him where it came from,  He said... "I made it" - Can you believe that?!  Now you have to understand.. when my mom asked my dad for a project, it typically took.. atleast a year.  And Adam did this same day.. I was so excited, I immediately started painting! (funny..considering my last post).
Here is what I ended up with - mind you... I have a lot of work left to do in the laundry room, but this what a start, (and look.. it's being used!)

Obviously she is a much better photographer than I am.. but I'll get around to being better.. in the meantime, just pretend that I'm good.   

Monday, December 12, 2011

So it begins..

Sometimes I think I'm pretty funny.  And sometimes Adam is pretty funny too.. so I thought it might be interesting to blog about how awesome we can be.  Don't confuse that sentence with us being awesome..because it is very different, the key word was 'can'. 
I'm not really sure where I want to start.. because if I start now I risk us not being awesome for a while and leaving you all with nothing to waste your time reading.. but if I start from the beginning, I may never get a break.. it's a gamble really..
I guess I'll just jump around and keep things interesting.. {hopefully}.

*Warning: this story isn't about us being awesome..moreso it is about me being lazy and Adam being great.*
So.. Adam is a cop.  And he works stupid hours.  This leaves me at home to do..well, anything I want.  Which typically isn't cleaning or laundry, so I asked him if we could find me a project.  Of course, he said yes, because he is pretty great.  I slaved for days over Pinterest and Craigslist ( was torture) and found myself an awesome hutch that I wanted to buy, repaint, and put in my upstairs hallway (don't think I'm nuts...our hallway is 8 ft wide and could easily handle this hunk of beauty).  So, I set up an appointment with the seller, then make Adam drive me to there and then make Adam buy this hutch for $100 - {sweet deal}.  I then make Adam take me to Home Depot, and I spend roughly an hour picking out the perfect shade of white, and another 30 minutes or so picking out the perfect shade of gray.  About a month later... Adam asks if I am ever going to get started on it.. and I say, well yeah... and about 2 weeks later he asks if I want help with it and I say, well yeah... so we head outside to paint.  Needless to say, I got bored pretty quick and went inside.  Adam painted the entire hutch, and asked that I paint the accents...but I got bored of that pretty quick too {I guess painting projects aren't my thing}, so Adam had to finish that too.  I would feel bad...I really would.. but after the hutch Adam said, "I think I want another project" - !!!!! Who would've thought... I was certain he would say, "You suck.."  But instead, he wants more projects! I've already picked out project number 2.  Thank heavens for handy husbands!

Hutch Before: (you can't tell, but it was an awful old yellowy color, with mint green accents)

Hutch After: (lighting is terrible, I never claimed to be a photographer)

Project Number 2: - This kitchen table!