Monday, December 19, 2011

The Grinch

I've never been one to spend money on decorations that I have to put up, and then take down a month later.  Waste of my money, and waste of my time.. Plus Adam is a thrower-awayer.  If he doesn't need/want it - no one does!  So storing things can be a challenge.  Our first Christmas was in our apartment, and we decorated.. but that's only because I went to Hobby Lobby and spent like $20 on the cheapest things I could find.  My tree was pretty sorry looking, but I kind of didn't care, I was just proud of myself for doing anything at all.  The next year was spent in our house, and I did... nothing - not one decoration.  Not a tree, not a wreath, not a single piece of glitter.  We didn't do gifts for each other, just family and friends.  I woke up Christmas morning and Adam had made breakfast and decorated the whole downstairs.  Since we didn't have a tree he hung all of our lights from doors to cabinets, to windows, and walls.  He hung the ornaments from the strands of lights and tied bows around anything he could.  It was pretty awesome.  (I lost the pictures when I transferred to a new phone..).  This year I've been a little less grinchy.  I wanted a tree and I wanted presents under it.  I wanted to buy Adam gifts, plus family and friends.  I wanted to get into the spirit.. and so far.. it hasn't killed me.  While I still do not like Christmas music - I feel like I'm making some huge improvements.  I still need to work on procrastination however.. because I have yet to do any Christmas shopping.. But atleast I have a tree...for a week. :)
This was my surprise tree from Adam:

And this is what it turned into: (don't mind the towels..they are temporarily catching falling pine needles)


  1. super cute! all our ornaments have meandered to the top half of our tree since the little ones have already broken a few. haha

  2. Very cute! I have to give you props. We don't even have ONE decoration. We decorated for Halloween the day of, and that was, 3 pumpkins that weren't carved and we stuck them out on our front porch and finally threw them away a week ago. Yup. haha This year, for Christmas we don't have anything. I blame it on the fact that if we had a tree, E would just pick at everything on it and possible pull it on top of her. (You'd be surprised what she can do. haha) And since we will be traveling this Christmas, there is no point. So congrats to you for having a tree that you decorated so lovely!