Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Baaaack!

Sorry I got lost for a minute.. life is crazy!  Two full time jobs and taking care of Adam is tough work.  So last night I told Adam about something annoying someone said on Facebook and he said, "You wanna know how you solve that problem?  You delete your Facebook."  My reply? "Well then who would I have to sit and bitch about?!"  He simply just pointed to himself. :) love him. 
I guess first and foremost we should discuss the fact that I had the absolute joy of returning to "the" doctors office.  I got there and as I was signing in the lady said to me, "um... do you mind waiting, the doctor had to run to deliver a baby but should be back soon."  Uh... what?!  She is delivering a baby, not picking up groceries.. so no, I don't have all day to wait, thanks.  Anyway, I ended up seeing the PA. I called them 2 weeks later and.... *drum roll* we are good for another 6 months!  I asked her if she was excited to have a break from me.. then I realized, she wouldn't be, I've been a great source of income for her over the years!  Silly me.  But I did make sure to mention I was happy to have a break from her! ;) 
I've been super crazy busy with Mindy Mae's Market lately, and I think Nikki and I are both losing our minds.  While it is all way fun, it is all way hard work.  Adam always asks me if I am doing arts & crafts,  I'm pretty sure he does that because he knows it makes me angry.  Typical.  But, our business has really started out well, we have a long way to go, but for only starting a couple months ago, I think we are pretty awesome. ;) 
Tomorrows Blog?  You won't want to miss.